Tarja has been working over 25 years with demanding investment and life insurance tasks in Luxemburg.  Tarja moved back to her hometown Helsinki with the idea of enjoying well earned retirement days. When the invitation came to join Familiam´s great team she changed her mind and joined FAM Wealth Services.

Tarja is motivated by a satisfied customers and enjoys working with direct customer contacts.  Thanks to Tarjas expertise, she helps her clients to choose the best possible overall asset management solution for their needs.

Tarja likes to travel in her free time. Earlier Tarja used to spend her vaccations in Finland but nowadays she likes to get to know the places and cultures.

The OneLife Company, Luxemburg

2021 – 2014

Nordea Life & Pensions, Luxemburg

2014 – 2010

Nordea International Private Banking, Luxemburg

2010 – 2001

Banque International Luxembourg

2001 – 1999

Nordea Luxemburg (ex. UBF/Merita)

1999 – 1993